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  1. ■ You cannot convert non encrypted DVDs.
    ■ Site license
    ■ Lifetime support
    ■ Free upgrades
    Step-by-Step walk through of the DVD to MPEG process
    1. Purchase a Software license
    2. Convert your DVD by clicking the « Convert » button
    2.1 Copy bits
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    3. Done
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  2. Im considering buying a Maxtor Driveshare 312-244 card reader for my G4 Mac to use with a shared folder on a server. However i need to be able to have Mac QuickTime synchronize files on the server to the hard drive. Any ideas?

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  3. Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer warranty. Great App.
    Has 144hz, Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb… This is the BEST app on the store for watching all your hd 480p\ 720p\ 1080p \4k video.
    This app says that it supports all hd 480p\ 720p\ 1080p \4k video with hardware decoding.
    I have two computers a MacBook air and a Macbook pro i7 6gb ram nvidia 1070

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  4. You can choose the destination folder, set the output quality and start a conversion process once selected files have been dropped in the application.

    Easy and fast
    Generates true-to-size images
    Good set of video conversion profiles
    Simple UI that does not require any experience


    No video trimming support
    Conversion process may hang your PC occasionally
    Basic desktop version

    This tool was reviewed by Grzegorz Nierzwicki,

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  5. It’s easy to use and highly usable.

    April 18, 2019

    avast! Free 2018 – 64-bit Full – 40.3.0 – 438 MbAvast! Free 2018 is a free antivirus for your Windows PC that features the Avast! Engine. Recommended for general users, Avast! Free 2018 will comprehensively protect your device against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware.Security analysts at Avast have found and uploaded a

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  6. PØ 
    · PSP Photo Album

    Version 1.0 Demo

    See also
    Comparison of color image processing software

    Color separation or removal tutorial
    Color Enhancing tutorial
    Color Separation tutorial

    External links
    Color De-Smearing tutorial
    Using Pure-Color
    Color Deconvolution

    Category:Digital photography
    Category:Photographic techniquesOsiedle, Szamotuły County


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  7. Click here to check if this program installs on your PC. Download:RemoveIT Pro SE-RemoveIT Pro SE (6.2 MB)More Download links from PC Help:Free:Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard tied the knot in an intimate and private ceremony at a retreat center in Franklin, Tennessee on September 1, and now they’re finally sharing all of the details with the world.

    The newlyweds were married at Saint James Church in

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  8. Q:

    How to get the reply message id on the UI when receiving response to webhook via postman

    I have sent a webhook back to my application from auto webhooks request and the response has given a reply_url to make sure that it is working. Following is my webhook request to my application :
    curl « my_webhook_url/ » –data ‘{ « type »: « urn:webhook », « data »: « my_message

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  9. Three levels of quality obtainable on a wireless signal are listed below.







    1. Propagation Level
    is usually used for wireless network integration.
    You can define the level of coverage which the wireless network must reach.
    The level is defined by reference to a wireless signal strength which must be sent or received by

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  10. AACenc32 (and AACenc32 command line) has been tested on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 x86 and x64.

    Arbeiter5Arbeiter5 is a frontend for the aacenc32.dll AAC encoder that comes with
    Nero Burning Rom and other programs from Ahead Software GmbH.
    A feature that makes this frontend stand out from the competition is that
    it doesn’t require a complete Nero installation

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  11. You will be able to calculate fuel consumption for a whole range of vehicles with this handy fuel consumption calculator: from a large delivery van all the way to a small 4-cylinder scooter.
    As you fuel up your vehicle and enter your price of fuel and your travel mileage, DriveArchive Fuel Consumption Calculator will tell you how much fuel you need to consume until you’ll be able to reach a calculated refueling point.
    DriveArchive Fuel Consumption Calculator offers you the following

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  12. Visit their website ( Skype History Viewer ) : developer has done it. Every time you store big amounts of data in a given database, you think to yourself, just why can’t I be storing my images in MySQL or Postgres? With the recent release of PostgreSQL 9.3, you can probably go back to wishing.

    In general, relational databases like

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  13. Once the install is complete, ensure that all settings are configured the way it is supposed to be. In addition, note down the password because you will need it later for roaming access to your router.
    Now that the installation is complete, you should select Done to continue the wizard.
    In conclusion, TP-LINK ADSL and Mini Router TP-LINK Easy Setup Assistant is a very user-friendly utility designed to assist and guides novice and advanced users to set up a new TP

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  14. Overall, TALI is a very well designed and efficient system.
    Downloads: 12.5 MBGenetically determined susceptibility to alcoholic pancreatitis. Identification of a gene for increased susceptibility to alcoholic pancreatitis by backcross analysis with NZB/B1NJ mice.
    More than 90% of alcoholic patients suffer from acute pancreatitis, which is also one of the most common complications of chronic alcohol abuse. We have developed a mouse model of alcoholic pancreatitis by administering a solution of

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  15. Even premium outfits should find enough room on the desktop for such a variety of wallpapers.
    Windows 8 Light Windows Theme should be one of the best programs ever created.

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    SophosUnlimited introduces a new line of Sophos UnLimted
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    The Broad-

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  16. While Hexit is free to download, it is limited to a very small number of operations and data types. This frees you from bloatware, though, so you can get the basics down without paying for anything extra.
    If you are looking for something more, you can try Hexit Pro for Windows 7 (currently a 30-day trial version) which also includes the three standard text-to-hex conversion options as well as the decimal-to-binary one and a few 05e1106874 dechzur

  17. While Hexit is free to download, it is limited to a very small number of operations and data types. This frees you from bloatware, though, so you can get the basics down without paying for anything extra.
    If you are looking for something more, you can try Hexit Pro for Windows 7 (currently a 30-day trial version) which also includes the three standard text-to-hex conversion options as well as the decimal-to-binary one and a few 05e1106874 dechzur

  18. It even supports batch processing of multiple TS files, which makes it a real panacea.Before we start talking about how to prepare for open enrollment (aka. open enrollment #2), let’s just take a moment to remember the 20 billion hospital visits we came close to having in the past year.

    The hospital crisis and the health care crisis are related. 90% of Americans are not getting financial assistance in the way we might expect. The only way to fix our broken systems
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  19. Mobster download, click on the link below, have fun!Q:

    Long text with borders in HTML?

    This may be hard to explain, so please bear with me.
    Let’s say I have a long paragraph. I also want to put a border around the paragraph. I could just put a border around the paragraph. The problem comes when there is more than one paragraph in my given HTML.
    Here is an example:
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  20. Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Our picks and opinions are independent from any business incentives.

    Global Disruption: A Revolution in the Operating System Industry Is Coming

    PDF Reader Viewer

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  21. The LZEXE application allowed archive launchers to be built with a reduced size without increasing the time spent to decompress the archive.
    LZEXE was decompiled and LZEXE decompressor (now LZEXE decompressor (LZEXE DXE) version 3.01) is the first decompression engine written in C. It supports decoders for executable files of all architectures (x86 32 and 64 bits) in Mono 1.1.1
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  22. It allows you to control your Epson scanner from any system without proper ports (as far as I know, it’s impossible to connect a scanner to the Internet either), and you won’t have to move your scanner from one work table to another to scan your photos, for instance.
    Of course, you have to manage the risk of the hardware button on your scanner malfunctioning in the future, but what is even better, it can save you a lot of trouble.

    Epson Event
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  23. Develop an application to recognize and localize birds in a noise environment, using the built-in OpenCV camera and the Sigmar KPSK library, discover people and moving vehicles via a visible-infrared camera, detect faces in a document image, recognize the face of a user, recognize on-screen displays such as touch screens, and recognize hand-written characters, and more…

    Learn how to build an application to read the QRcodes in OpenCV. The QR codes
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  24. OpenWin also provides the means to resume any suspended windows.

    1.0 October 03, 2007

    – Changed setting for CMDLET (WindowManager.xml) which writes the date and time to the registry. This is required for Windows Vista installations.

    1.0 June 04, 2007

    – Released as freeware.

    1.0 July 24, 2005

    – Released as freeware. Windows XP compatible and features text commands.

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  25. . Customization allows you to automatically enter vendor information, product information, brand names, serial numbers, custom names, function, cost to your accounts payable database.
    With InTrek you can customize your existing asset templates with multiple barcode scanning options to include the numbers of users, locations, brands, countries, states, cities, branches, and more.
    SAP BusinessObjects BI  4.20  is a business intelligence solution  designed to improve the efficiency of business decision making with
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  26. Halloween is just around the corner, so I am going to be posting a ton of posts that talk about spooky things. The full list is:

    January 2009 – Talking Jack O’ Lanterns: I have some suggestions for your Halloween display and provide a tutorial on building a light weight jack o’ lantern.

    March 2009 – Making America Spooky By Glenn Scherer: In this post Glenn shows how to create a 3D pumpkin using a free software program.
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  27. With a good amount of tools under the hood, you’d think they put a lot of time into the app. So the next time you need to sign or sign and stamp a document, or print it out, look out for PdfMachine as a source. It will likely do the job.




    Everything seems to be moving digitally. Working with PDF files has become a commonality of our days. Users can fill in their information
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  28. The program will make your life easier and simplify your daily tasks.

    The sophisticated Complete Backup is capable of full or incremental disk mirroring, thus providing you with a real continuous backup of your most valuable file system. This means you can finish your online tasks in just a few minutes and be confident the essential parts of your document and program-related data are safely on your hard disk. Complete Backup includes numerous functionality for example split up volume copies, automatic screen snapshots of each file on the disk,
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  29. The interface of the program is based on a wizard where you can follow a few simple steps to achieve the desired results. The program can manage multimedia media that are entered in the ‘Create Screensaver from Files’ window to create a Flash videoplay on the screensaver.
    FlashForge includes many methods to encode your media files; the program can read, encode and create any type of multimedia file like animated GIF, JPEG, and SWF files. On the other hand, the app
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  30. Health Service Tackles Teen Depression


    Prince George’s Hospital Center (PGHPC), one of the country’s largest publicly funded children’s hospitals, is testing new blood tests that could revolutionize how doctors treat depression and other mood disorders.

    The test, called the PHQ9 (for Patient Health Questionnaire), is short, free, and simple. Patients simply answer nine yes or no questions and can get an exact diagnosis within 15
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  31. The program is available for Windows and Mac OS, and it is compatible with HTML, SVG, XML, PDF and AVI formats.

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  32. The program is available for Windows and Mac OS, and it is compatible with HTML, SVG, XML, PDF and AVI formats.

    I studied Chinese language and literature as a child, and when I began to work at a large U.S. chemical company, I needed a better way to obtain the vocabulary and grammar to do my job.

    Because my English skills were not proficient enough to accurately identify words and phrases that were in common use or of scientific interest, I started
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  34. As the name would suggest, the tool is not an academic record, but rather a device that makes it easier for you to track how your link performs and how the users interacted with it.
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  37. Developer: Artboard Interactive
    This is one of the most easy and fun apps on the Windows 10 store to create battle maps, with a nice look and feel to it.
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  38. However, the lack of support for alternative programming languages might be a drawback for some users.
    TMS Workflow Studio review at OSTechPro is Published on April 9, 2020 by Hiroyuki Takashi and has been read 4,673 times and rated 5.0 out of 5.0.

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  39. Outlook Terminal Service utility allows to automatically start the service on logon screen.


    Provides additional functionality for various Windows Terminal Services clients – including Microsoft Messanger, Messenger Express 4.5, Vista

    Outlook help in the form of the included Help file.

    User-friendly interface.

    Microsoft Office XP.

    . Supports XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

    Windows 8 includes a Distributed Desktop feature integrated into the operating
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    объем потребления электрической энергии;

    стоимость майнера и период окупаемости с учетом курса.

    Средние данные частоты работы микропроцессора варьируются в диапазоне от 600 до 650 Гц. Данный показатель влияет на объем хеширования и скорость обработки операций за 1 секунду. Частота зависит от определённого структурного элемента – микропроцессора и важна при выборе майнингового оборудования. Количество потребляемой электроэнергии влияет на сроки окупаемости. Чем мощнее и выше объем хеширования, тем выше будут объемы электропотребления.

    Наилучшим вариантом при выборе ASIC считается аппарат с меньшим потреблением и большим объемом хешрейта. Средний диапазон потребления энергии ASIC’о варьируется от 1100 до 16500 Вт/час. Благодаря таким данным ASIC предпочтительнее ферм с видеокартами. Один видеоускоритель потребляет потребляет 300 Вт/ч, а ферма из 10 лучших видеокарт генерирует только 1 MH/s, а потребляет 3 кВт/ч. В среднем ASIC при потреблении 1 кВт/ч выполняет обработку расчетов со скоростью 31 МН/s. В данном вопросе доминирование ASIC является наиболее очевидным.

    Стоимость асиков для майнинга криптовалют зависит от производительности. Поставщики могут значительно увеличивать цену в несколько раз, особенно в период фазы роста биткоин или других криптовалют, которые добывают при помощи ASIC.

    В среднем ценовой диапазон майнеров составляет $600 — $40000. При выборе майнера следует уточнять соответствие компьютера заявленным параметрам мощности и стоимости. Майнер с окупаемостью менее чем за 6 месяцев стоит от 1000 долларов. Дешевые майнеры не рекомендуется приобретать не только из-за длительного периода окупаемости, но и в связи с меньшим объемом хешрейта, высоким энергопотреблением.

    Выбор асика и расчет окупаемости оборудования на будущие периоды

    Рынок вычислительного оборудования для добычи криптовалют представлен большим количеством предложений. Приобрести майнер становится достаточно сложным процессом, потому что новые модели раскупаются достаточно быстро. Майнерам и желающим приобрести оборудование для добычи криптовалют следует ознакомиться с основными моделями, а также флагманами рынка. Среди флагманских моделей майнеров выделяют небольшой список устройств. Модель Whatsminer M30s+ представляет собой сверхмощный компьютер с высокой стоимостью. Данная модель отличается высоким уровнем добычи монет, а также низким энергопотреблением. Стоимость такого асика у поставщика начинается от 149000 рублей

    Модели майнеров не предназначены для домашнего использования. Такие устройства подходят для промышленного применения и имеют в некоторых случаях значительный вес.

    Модель Bitfury B8 используется как серверная установка и весит в среднем 37 кг. Хешрейт модели Bitfury B8 меньше в 2 раза майнера Spondoolies SP50 и составляет 50 TH/s. Показатели потребления также существенно меньше и равны 6400 Вт. Стоимость вычислительного компьютера Bitfury B8 составляет около 1 млн 300 тысяч рублей.

    Среди самых распространённых видов майнеров следует выделить Antminer S9. Данный аппарат имеет высокий хешрейт и приемлемую стоимость. Для домашнего использования подходит только модель Antminer S9, которая стоит всего 120 000 рублей и потребляет в среднем 1172 Вт. Хешрейт такого устройства составляет 11 TH/s.

    Как рассчитать окупаемость майнингового оборудования

    Подсчет окупаемости видеокарты или ASIC базируется на самостоятельных расчетах или использовании калькуляторов майнинга. При расчете указывают следующие параметры в специальном калькуляторе:

    показатели хешрейта для определенной монеты;

    параметры энергопотребления, которые можно замерить специальным инструментом;

    стоимость электричества в местности, где будет работать аппарат;

    уровень сложности добычи;

    цена майнера.

    Следует заметить, что сложность добычи при самостоятельном расчёте указать очень сложно, поэтому следует использовать проверенные и актуальные калькуляторы майнинга. В сервисах для расчета окупаемости оборудования можно выбрать определённую модель вычислительного аппарата, указать цену самого устройства и стоимость электроэнергии. Затем система подсчитает приблизительный доход в месяц, который будет получать владелец устройства. Также калькулятор выдает чистый доход с уже учтенными затратами на электрическую энергию. Общий период окупаемости отражается в месяцах и в среднем составляет для определённых моделей 9-12 месяцев. Расчет окупаемости можно произвести с использованием разных калькуляторов майнинга и сравнить значения.

    Выводы о майнинге и рациональности использования ASIC с учетом рисков

    Однозначного мнения о выгодности использования ASIC не существует, потому что курс главной криптовалюты всегда нестабильный. Человек, который желает приобрести майнер должен быть готов к увеличению сложности добычи. При увеличении сложности сети прибыль может падать и следует быть готовым к подобным ситуациям. После покупки модели Antminer m30s+ продажа майнера через 6 месяцев вряд ли будет возможной и рациональной. Покупка оборудования должна основываться на расчетах и твердой уверенности в рост определённых криптовалют. Большие риски могут сопровождать большую выгоду, но при этом требуется терпение и правильный выбор.

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